FAQ : Airbrush makeup with Miami Makeup Artist Aimee Ortega

FAQ : Airbrush makeup with Miami Makeup Artist Aimee Ortega

Airbrush Makeup Questions Answered by Miami Makeup Artist Aimee Ortega

Are you a Miami area bride who is curious about airbrush makeup? Many future brides have heard about airbrushing, but are unclear about why airbrush makeup may be the right choice for their weddings. We've gathered common questions we get from our brides here in South Florida  and answered them for you.

We hope this is a resource anyone wanting more info about airbrush makeup. Miami brides can contact Aimee to schedule a bridal airbrush makeup trial.

What is airbrush makeup? Why is rereccomended for Miami weddings?

Airbrush Makeup Artist Miami

Typical airbrush gun used by makeup artists

Well, let's start with the airbrush itself.  The typical airbrush setup includes a stainless steel airbrush gun and an air compressor. The compressor blows air through the airbrush gun and picks up the liquid makeup along the way. The air and makeup are then sprayed evenly onto the skin.  The pressure is very gentle and results in the makeup being applied in very thin buildable layers.

So is it just regular liquid foundation?

Although the product used in airbrushes is liquid it is VERY different from the liquid foundation you buy at your local drug or department store.

Airbrush foundations come in a variety of formulations each designed for a specific purpose. Each type is thin enough to pass easily through the airbrush gun yet pigmented enough to provide the perfect amount of coverage. For long-lasting airbrush makeup, Miami brides often benefit from from a silicone-based formula. While there is much debate among makeup artists, we find that silicone wears better in the heat and humidity of South Florida during wedding season.


Temptu is a popular brand of airbrush makeup that works werll in Miami's client

Is airbrushing new? I only started hearing about it recently.

Airbrushing has been around since the 19th century and started being used as a makeup tool in the film industry in the 1950s.

So why are you only hearing about it now? The main reason airbrush has become so popular is that many brides are having their weddings recorded on video. In the 21st century, video means HD video. HD is an incredibly unforgiving medium. Imperfections in either skin or makeup are magnified. Airbrush makeup became a method for an artist to get the coverage needed for HD cameras without the cakiness or texture that traditional full-coverage produce.

Is airbrushing better than makeup applied by hand?

Sometimes.  An experienced artist can use either technique to create a radiant yet long-lasting result.  That said, airbrush does have some advantages.  Airbrush makeup can provide excellent coverage with less product. Airbrush makeup is also extremely hygienic. Nothing comes into physical contact with the skin except the makeup itself. Airbrush makeup can also seem heaven sent for those with extremely sensitive or aceneic skin as there is no rubbing or buffing of the skin.

This all sounds amazing! Are there any downsides to airbrush makeup for my wedding?

Here in Miami many artist charge a premium for airbrush makeup, but the beauty and durability are well worth it. If you’re have a seaside wedding on Miami Beach, you’re going to need a foundation that is not going to let you down the swelting heat.  Another downside can be that some manufacturers of airbrush makeup don’t always create a global range of skin tone. The good news is that an experienced artist can adjust products to match ANY skin tone.

How does it feel to get airbrush makeup applied?

Not gonna lie…it feels a little weird at first. Even though the airflow is very gentle, it can still feel a bit strange.  A good artist will use gun without product first to allow you to get used to the sensation and feeling air on your skin. When the product is applied it feels like a cool mist. The closest comparison is the way it feels to mist yourself with a water on hot days.

Once applied, most brides say that they don’t feel the makeup at all. It’s like wearing nothing at all. If you’re someone who doesn’t often wear makeup, this can be a blessing. You won’t have to go through the day feeling like you’re wearing a goopy mask on your face.

Will airbrush makeup last all day in the humidity of Miami?

Yes. This is one of the primary reasons we use airbrush so often for our bridal clients.  Tears and sweat are the enemies of a bride's wedding day makeup. Airbrush is long-lasting and many formulas are water-resistant and transfer or smudge –resistant. A professionally applied airbrush base should last AT LEAST 8 hours even during outdoor beach weddings!

I'm sure we'll be adding more questions and answers about airbrush makeup. Miami is the perfect place to get all the benefits of this beautiful appliation method. If you'd like to try it for yourself, and you're inthe Miami areaa, contact Aimee your airbrush makeup trial !