• My new location

    Hello everyone! 

    Thank you so much for visiting my page. This blog post is to inform everyone of my new location. I have recently moved to Palm Beach county. What does this mean for my clients? The good news is that not much has changed. I will still be traveling to all of South Florida. There is no travel fee to Miami since I am still there ALL the time. (Homestead will have a travel fee though).

    Also, there is no longer a travel fee to Palm Beach and Jupiter. YAY!!! I can't wait to book more weddings up here now. I'm so excited to know all the venues and hotels the way I know Miami and Broward county. 

  • Makeup and Hair Trial: 7 Tips for a successful bridal trial.

    Makeup and Hair Trial: 7 Tips for a successful bridal trial.

    Makeup and hair are a huge part of a bride’s overall appearance on her wedding day. There are two different types of brides when it comes to makeup and hair here in Miami. A few brides have their hearts set on a sultry smokey and sophisticated red lip. They love makeup and want to make sure that they look as glamorous as possible on their wedding day. Then, there are the rest of us. We want to look like ourselves on our best day. Polished and pretty but still fresh looking.

    When I first meet with Miami brides about their wedding makeup and hair, the number one fear is that the will end up looking like a circus clown in a pretty dress. The way to avoid this is to schedule makeup and hair trial well in advance to make sure you get the look you want on the big day.

     1. Go it alone.

    So much of the fun of wedding planning is getting our friends and family to help make choices. Your makeup and hair trial is definitely not a time for decisions by committee. Even if you are going for a natural look, a good makeup artist will apply makeup a little heavier than you may be used to compensate for flash photography. Someone sitting in the room with you might say that they application is heavy when in reality it’s perfect for the lighting condition on your wedding night.

    Also, avoid the temptation to bring your kids along. It will be nearly impossible to mind your children and stay present for the makeup and hair process. It will also make the trial take MUCH longer and depending on the artist schedule you may not be able to finish.

    You’ll be more relaxed and have more fun if you take the opportunity to make this a one-on-one event.

    2.Create a Pinterest Idea Board.

    As a makeup and hair artist, I am interested in EVERYTHING about your wedding. The time of day, colors, location, level of formality and theme all play a huge part in the look I recommend. If someone is having a dramatic candlelight evening wedding with a black and red palette but wants a natural bronze beachy look, there can be a disconnect. Seeing everything that you have planned makes it much easier to makeup sure you’re not over or under painted on your wedding day.

    3.Bring your veil and jewelry.

    I need to understand how your veil and headpiece will make sense with the look you’ve chosen.  It’s so helpful to have it there. I can also see if it casts any shadows on your face that I may need to account for in the makeup application. It’s not an absolute must-have, but I’ve seen too many bridal photos where it feels like the hair was done by itself and then a veil plopped on top. Having your jewelry helps to complete the look and give you the most accurate idea of what you’ll like in your wedding photos. Tiara picture available from Etsy seller Bijouterie Fashion

    4.Take plenty of photos.

    Both you and your makeup and hair stylist should be taking plenty of pictures. Several angles in the back of your head. Pictures can reveal things that you may not have noticed. For, example, if you’re wearing an up do, you may find that your ears and the back of your neck do not match the rest of your body. Your chosen makeup and hair artist may need to bronze up the back of your neck or take foundation all the way over ears. THESE details are what separate professionals from hobbyists.

    5.Don’t rush it

    The bridal trial is supposed to be an exploratory process. There will be lots of discussion and looking at inspiration photos.  You may find that the style you makeup and hair you had in mind isn’t flattering with your face shape. Your artist may see a photo of your gown and be inspired by the 1930’s vibe and suggest a hairstyle that suits the era. This is all the point of the meeting. Allow two hours or ask your makeup and hair stylist how long her trials usually take. 

    6.Keep an open mind

    This is a biggie. There is a possibility that your beauty stylist is going to tell you some honest things that you won’t want to hear. If you have dream your whole life about having a sleeked back chignon for you wedding day, it’s going to be really hard to hear that your dream hair style makes you look chubby and matronly.  You may also find that your baby fine hair won’t hold a beachy wave or that your nude lip color makes you look a little green around the gills. Be willing to try something you hadn’t considered before.

    7.Wear White

    Wear the color of your wedding dress and if you’re doing a makeup up change bring something the color of your second dress as well.  If you really want to go the extra mile try to find a top that mirrors the neckline of your dress.


  • Hair and Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

    Hair and makeup experiments 

    This is a gorgeous hair and makeup look but not if you're a lipgloss and mascara girl day-to-day*

    The day of your wedding is a horrible time to experiment with hair and makeup looks that are wildly different than your normal look. If you’re a no makeup girl, deciding to do high glamour hair and makeup for your wedding may seem odd. Worse, people may not even recognize you at your own wedding!! That said, the opposite is just as true, if you’re known for your trademark red lip, don’t be afraid to wear your signature shade on the big day. The whole point of booking professional hair and makeup artists for your wedding is to create the best version of YOU. It’s not to turn you into someone else.

    Hair and makeup products that aren't rain, tears, and sweat proof. 


    A classic Miami summer shower can ruin hair and makeup in seconds*

    Water is the enemy of makeup. Whether tears, sweat, or rain water can ruin that 2 hour makeup job in about 2 seconds if you don’t take precautions. Most people have the presence of mind to use a waterproof mascara, but what about the rest of your hair and makeup? There are loads of professional grade waterproof makeup products and makeup setting products available. Discuss this with your makeup artist in advance to make sure that you’re going to stay gorgeous even after shedding all those tears of joy.

    Getting obsessed about trends.

    Trends like heavy contour can may not be the best fit for wedding day beauty *

    You ever notice that most well-known fashion designers are almost always photographed versions of the same outfit. They create trends, but they don’t follow them. That’s because they know that trends come and go but timeless style will never look silly or dated. Look at any wedding photo from the eighties and you’ll see what I mean. Magenta blush, purple eyeshadow and giant bangs were the hair and makeup trends of the time. Today, they seem a little silly and most brides would say they wish they gone with more classic hair and make styling like an Audrey Hepburn or Dorothy Dandridge look.  

    Celebrity trends tend to influence hair and makeup for brides. Right now, the heavily contoured and highlighted look of Kim Kardashian and prominent Instagram influencers if popular. We can show you ways to embrace the trends is hair or makeup but to do so in a way that flatters you and will not look out of place in a few years.

    Refusing a bridal hair and makeup preview.

    Surprises can be fun but not when it comes to wedding day hair and makeup. *

    We know that weddings are expensive. We get that costs need to be trimmed. We also know that at the end of all this the photos and videos taken that day will be the only real proof that your wedding even happened. You will want to look your very best.

    Skipping a bridal trial or preview may save you a few dollars (if your artist will even allow this) but what if the makeup artist’s personality is a poor fit. What if you’re allergic to one of the products? What if you have really thick hair and underestimate how long it will take for the updo. Without a hair and makeup trial you’re not going have any way to avoid these wedding day disasters. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

    * Images in this article are sourced from various stock photo providers and are provided for illustration purposes only. They are intended to and do not represent the work of Aimee Ortega. 

  • What to Expect during your Bridal Trial

    Your makeup artist and hair stylist has done this quite a few times but this is probably your first time scheduling a bridal trial. Here are some things that you might find helpful to know in advance:

    To begin, you should have a clean face with no makeup on and dry hair. Be sure to confirm with your stylist if this is what you should do but in my personal experience this is what most artists request of their clients :)

    I personally love to have visuals of the look you are trying to recreate, or your inspiration pictures, so be sure to have those ready. If you always do the same makeup look and you don't want to stray too far from that look, it would be wise to show your artist a picture of your every day makeup. This way your makeup artist knows what you are comfortable with. 

    Another thing to remember is that you will find it beneficial if you bring your accesories with you. Jewelry, veils, and head pieces will complete the look after your stylist is done. You can feel more complete with your style if you have your accesories, and it will help you decide on the final touches of hair and makeup.

    Pictures. Take lots of pictures, and see how everything photographs :) Natural light is best and it is always nice to have those pictures as referance before the wedding day. 

    Alot of brides will ask me when they should schedule their trial. I always feel that 15-30 days before the wedding is the ideal time. You will know exactly what look you are going for 2-4 weeks before the wedding. If you decide to do it 3-6 months in advance it is very likely that you might change your mind about certain things. 

    Last but not least, have fun and don't be shy to speak your mind. Feel free to try a few lip colors and truly express your opinion about your hair and makeup. If you do this, you and your stylist will be on the same page about your look. 

    To schedule your South Florida bridal hair and makeup trial feel free to reach out to Aimee Ortega via email, text, or phone . // 305-505-3355 (call or text) . Aimee travels to Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach county for trials bringing lighting if needed, makeup, and hair to your location. 

  • Bridal Updo Miami

    Bridal Updo Miami

    Hi everyone! 

    Here is a pretty updo that I worked on recently. She wanted something very organic, pretty, and not too tight. She has very fine hair so we didn't want to weigh it down. This bride loved the look! We added this clip in to accesorize the curly bun and it was perfect :) 

  • Early Morning Weddings

    Early Morning Weddings

    Sometimes I have to wake up very early to get my brides ready. Some brides plan an early morning beach wedding with Gen from and others have an early morning wedding because they have to be at the Port of Miami for their cruise weddings. Look at the amazing results though. Apparently, when it comes to makeup, I can be early morning person :) 



    My Skin Care Products - PART 1 CLEANSING 

    Hi Everyone, 

    This blog is a bit different from previous blogs because I just wanted to share what products I am currently using right now because I am in LOVE with my current skin care routine. I hope it helps my friends, and my future brides. 

    I have been reading tons of info on skin care and I wanted to share a few tid bits of information that might be useful to some. Today's blog will be about cleaning your skin. 

    Cleansing: I learned that we should not use a foaming cleanser. It ages you. This also includes those who have oily skin. It is good to have a few cleansers at hand (rotate them around)  and these are the ones I am currently using. 

    Bioderma Sensibio H2O - I use this when I need to remove makeup. Step 1. This is a staple in my makeup kit as well and it is THE BEST. Stop whatever you're doing and get this gentle makeup remover. 

    Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk  - Love love love. So gentle on my dry skin. It has a nice scent to it but it is not over powering in my opinion. 

    BOOTS Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm  - A cleansing balm. Leaves your face so so clean without feeling dry. I especially love the way the hot cloth feels on my skin. It is so relaxing!!  Love using this one when I wear tons of makeup after the Bioderma makeup remover. 

    Okay, so another thing that I learned was that one should NEVER rush when cleansing the face. You must spend time so that the products that go over your clean face can actually work to their full potential. You must wash your face in the morning and at night. Please don't skip out on the morning cleanse. You may feel that you don't need to wash your face but please do. Your skin sheds at night and you do not want to apply your moisturizer over dead skin. 

    HOW I FEEL: After making the swap from foaming cleansers to these non foaming ones, I really feel better because even though it may take a few more minutes to really get all the makeup off, my skin doesn't feel awfully tight afterwards. Besides, knowing that foaming cleansers age you.. well, that's a deal breaker for me. I am taking my time to clean my face (even when I'm exhausted) and it really shows. 

  • Miami Beach Bridal Makeup & Hair

    Miami Beach Bridal Makeup & Hair

    Hi everyone!! Here is a sneak peak of a bride's makeup session by me. She looked so beautiful on her special day. Location - Miami beach. I was pregnant during her wedding :) hehe. In this picture I am using a MAC 217 blending brush. Hair was also done by me.